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Love is in the Air

All You Need Is LoveLove is in the air, at least in my neck of the woods.

In early November of last year, two peafowl appeared at our house and have taken up residence. Peafowl is the collective name of the male and female of the species, with the peahen being the female and the peacock being the male.

They spend their days roaming from house to house, hiding in foliage, and occasionally roosting on a chimney if not in a tree. It has been quite an oddity to look out a window and find them grazing on the lawn or merely strutting about. They have been known to eat freshly planted grass seed and call to each other rather loudly, but nonetheless, we have grown to like having them around.

Peacock Indian Blue, Green Peacock
George and Clarisse

Since they have been here for over three months, I decided to name them George and Clarisse. I am confident George is a male because of his long train, which is characteristic of the blue peacock (male) from India. Clarisse, on the other hand, is of the green variety from Southeast Asia where the male and female look very similar as juveniles. We hoped George and Clarisse were a pair and would produce chicks this spring.Our hopes seemed to be coming true as we watched the train on George grow in length and beauty, while the train of Clarisse had little change. We began seeing Clarisse less frequently, but knew she was nearby as she would answer calls from George. While walking earlier this week I saw Clarisse dart out the woods, cross the street, and disappear into the adjacent woods. She was later spotted that day about a half mile away and headed further south. I was crushed she had left.

Blue Indian Peacock Train SpreadIt has been four days with no sight or sound of Clarisse. Perhaps Clarisse is a juvenile male and is too young to develop the long train. This would explain her quick departure since George is definitely in full courtship mode. For the past two mornings George has prominently displayed his plumage at our front door. I feel sad his efforts will be unproductive and apparently my husband feels the same because he was searching the internet today for places to purchase peafowl.

I don’t think we will be purchasing a peahen for George, but we will continue to enjoy his showy displays. I will change the name of Clarisse to Clarence and hope he returns after mating season. They are beautiful birds and we feel fortunate they elected to reside in our area, even if only for a short time.

Love is in the air – even if unrequited.♥





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