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Bargain Books

Many in my family are avid readers. I think it began with my mother, who passed it to me and I to my daughters and now my grandchildren appear to have the bug. With all the techno gadgets available today, it is good to see they still find enjoyment in the escape of a good book, but the cost of new or popular books can limit the number of books on your shelf. If you are looking for some alternative sources to purchase books, look no further than the tips below.

  1. Thrift offers new and used books to purchase at discounted prices, free shipping on orders over $10, and a rewards program. Their website is very good and includes books by common categories or a search keyword function. Thrift Book collects and warehouses the books until purchased.
  2. is comparable to Thrift Books, but they also sell movies (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray) and music (CD, vinyl). Books are not warehoused like Thrift Books, but available from different sellers with ratings provided.
  3. If you are not necessarily interested in the latest releases (although you may still find them here), try your local Goodwill or thrift store.
  4. Yard sales offer great buys and the opportunity to haggle on the price.
  5. Flea Markets are also an excellent source for books and well established markets tend to have a standing booth or two devoted to books. Typically the more you buy, the deeper the discount and they may be open to trade for books you are ready to pass on.
  6. Your local library may have a section for books they want to sell. My mother loves this option and stocks up on books every 6 weeks or so. These are also heavily discounted.
  7. Exchange books within your network of friends and colleagues. Host a book swap party.
  8. Search the internet for deals. Some authors offer free audio or Kindle books to hook you into buying the new release. Some authors publish a chapter at a time for free as a blog. Look for virtual book selling parties and book swap events.
  9. If all the above fails and you must have the book now, pay the full price!

Happy Reading.



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