When the Past Comes Haunting

My husband and I were watching a program today with a segment on alopecia areata. My husband has suffered this affliction since being a young child. Like the person featured in the segment, my husband elected to stop trying to hide the condition and embrace the haphazard balding patches by shaving his head. He elected to do this just before we met, nearly 13 years ago. He was not immediately forthcoming about the condition or the impact it imposed through his adolescence and early adult years, but the tears in his eyes today revealed the past pain endured still has a lasting sting.

No one is immune from having issues from their past creep up at the most unexpected moment to be reminded of times you wish you could forget. No matter how hard we try to tuck these away, they always find a way to bubble to the surface. How we manage these occurrences reflects how well we have dealt with the issue over time. Time does not necessarily heal all wounds, but it does provide a buffer which allows one the opportunity to make amends the best they can. Some people need help in making this transition and others are able to find their way on their own, but in the end the pain is still there in one form or another, it never goes away.

We are all delicate creatures in need of support now and then. It’s okay to still feel emotional about the past. It’s liberating to know you have survived the struggles and moved on. Like the woman in the segment that found her focus and a way she could manage her condition and reach out to others with similar struggles, we all need to tap into our inner strength and make the best of the hand we are dealt. So goes the cliché – if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Life has so much to offer to those that are willing to deal with the obstacles set before them. Life is as good as you make it. Put the past behind and move on. You will be a much happier person for it.



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